Job well done! Beyond my expections for a great price, will recommend you to everyone I know looking for services.


We would like to thank the Beautiful Scenery staff of professionals for helping make our day even more special! The time and dedication you invested in our wedding decor was apparent in the wonderful display of creativity!
We appreciate you and wanted to say "Kudos" to you all!

As the chairperson of the Nashville Chapter of the Henry Smith Family Reunion Committee, I heard numerous times “this was the best Reunion in the 28 years of the HSF Reunion" and Beautiful Scenery played a major role in this success. The Family Banquet is usually a Saturday night events, because of the flood in the Nashville area the Banquet was changed to a Friday night. The Banquet on Friday night set the climate and attitude for the 3 day Reunion (festive and fun). The centerpieces and décor provided by Beautiful Scenery for the Banquet, set off an abundant amount of “Oh" and “Wow" from family members young and old as they entered the room. Compliments were heard through out the night about the decorations, this served as an icebreaker for some family members to mingle. The mingling lead to a few new relationships being form, which is the Unity and Togetherness we try to build with our reunions. Working with Beautiful Scenery on this Reunion was a pleasure. Every deadline was met with ease, the color of the Centerpieces was perfect and the love and care that went into creating each piece is what Families need in this day and time. Again I would like to say “Thank you to Beautiful Scenery for your gifts of LOVE to my family"

~Mr. Darnez Minnifield

LaSonda -

We can't thank you enough for making our ten year anniversary a magical evening. Your professionalism and dedication to your work should be commended. We will forever be grateful to you.


The Bakers

La'Sonda: My wedding experience was a great one. You were very easy to work with and were very helpful with bringing my ideas and concepts to life. I also appreciated the fact that you brought in your opinions as a form of help and not to overshadow the bride's ( because not all vendors would do that). You were always accessible through email, phone, and face-to-face, and that was a big help. My bouquets were absolutely lovely, and I can't talk enough about how much I loved the sweetheart table. You were a pleasure to work with and helped make my big day that much bigger!

-Arica D. Rosado

I absolutely loved working with La'Sonda! She's an amazing woman with so much insight and kindness. She does exactly what you ask for and a lot more! She takes her time and plans ahead. She is always on time and always ready to do anything. Not only was she a great designer, she's turned out to be a great friend, too. I would tell everyone about her because she does everything you ask for under your budget and she does it beautifully. Thanks La'Sonda! It was great working with you! Can't wait until you do my wedding!!!!!

Beautiful Scenery decorated our head, cake, and gift table at our reception. They did a beautiful job, and I wish I could've had them do even more! (Unfortunately, we had already purchased our centerpieces when we contacted Beautiful Scenery to do the rest of our decorating at the reception hall). La'Sonda is such a nice person to work with and extremely reliable! I would definitely do business with this company again! :-)

Beautiful Scenery decorated for my 30th Birthday Party. Everything was so beautiful! It looked like a wedding reception. My guest complimented all night. I was so glad that I chose Beautiful Scenery. I had no complaints or regrets. If you haven't experienced the God given talent of Beautiful Scenery, you don't know what you are missing!!

What more can I say other than BRAVO! Beautiful Scenery has made my wedding day much more memorable than ever. I can say Beautiful Scenery took my ideas and added a special touch of love. With the beautiful columns, bouquets, centerpieces, and the decor period. Everything speaks for itself. I thank you Beautiful Scenery for making my husband and I very happy. Through all the time and patience you've giving to us. I say Beautiful Scenery is what you, you and you need for your next event. The name says it all, what more can you ask for?

Kudos to you!!!

Beautiful Scenery Inc. will always be first choice in my mind when it comes to decorating my special events. Beautiful Scenery Inc. decorated for my going away party and the decorations were just what I had in mind. I gave the creative director full control of the decorations and I was amazed when I walked into the room. I would definitely recommend Beautiful Scenery Inc. for any special event. If you envision it, Beautiful Scenery Inc. can create it!

Beautiful Scenery provided the decorations as well as the wedding party bouquets and boutonnières for my wedding in April, and my husband and I were very much pleased with the service we received. They made sure everything was just like we envisioned. They took our ideas and brought them to life, and even offered advice of different looks that went along with our theme and colors. When we stepped into the reception hall, the first thing my husband said to me was that the decorations were wonderful, we were both very much satisfied with the way everything looked. We wanted to set a romantic mood with just candles illuminating, and that's exactly what they delivered. I would definitely recommend as well as use them in the future. Beautiful Scenery made us their top priority in order to have our wedding day be as beautiful as we could have ever imagined. Thank you Beautiful Scenery for all you did for us, we are forever grateful.